Saturday, February 1, 2014

2 Freebies Just For You!!

                  So I have taken this quiet evening to not work on anything that I should be and working on things that I would much rather be doing!
         Luckily this pays off well for you!  I have two cool freebies just for y’all!! One math and phonics!! YAY!! Both are part of a bigger, 3 leveled set that I am finishing up the details on one.

Okay first up ... Number Bots - Level 1
         For this it is two games in one, a missing number and a subitizing set for numbers up to 10.  And if you are like me, you first, LOVE to say subitizing more like ‘suuub-itizing’! Hee hee! And second, just as a quick reminder to jog those words in the way back of your head it’s just about the same thing as counting number sets!
         The kids can figure out what number is missing and then find the gear that has the correct number on it and place it with robots in its missing spot (hint:  you gotta use Velcro makes it so easy!)!

         The next game in the set in the subitizing cards!  The kids can estimate first how many gears they think are on the card and then they can determine the actual amount.  One really cool idea to do with these cards is to print them off 4 to page and put them up around the room (then they don’t take a lot of space), and get the kids up and moving around ‘suub-itizing’!!!

I can’t wait to show them to the kids on Monday!!

Alright up next ... Missing Sounds - Level 1

         This is a beginning sound identification along with a technology twist!  I teach at a 1-to- iPad school, which just means ALL our kids have iPads! I know its soo cool!! It makes the learning and teaching to the next level!! But more about that later - now back to the Missing Sounds! Since our kids have iPads it can make you rethink some of your centers that you know do the trick. 
         The kids are going to be able to figure out the CVC word, isolate the sound, and identify the beginning sound.  Then they can either write the missing sound in - or they can use one of the letter cards included in the set (hint:  if you use the letter cards - use Velcro - seriously its my go to for things like this!)! 
         The kids will then get to scan the QR Code with whatever type of devise you have - as long as it can scan QR Codes - and check their work!  So they will immediately have feedback - even when they are working independently!

I am so excited to show these newbies to the class on Monday! I hope you enjoy and use!!

Hugs, Love, and Wiggles!!

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