Friday, January 31, 2014

Ready, Set, GO!!

       Okay so I don’t necessarily know or understand all the ins and outs of these blog things except for the fact that there is often some type of blog hopping and freebie grabbing that everyone is always talking about.
       I read plenty of the blogs out there there are some really amazing ones.  I was reading one recently and it mentioned that if you had a TPT account that you should have a blog (like they go hand in hand).  Well this was news to me!
       So as a sit on the stairs in the upstairs hallway trying to get to little sweetie boos to sleep (without having to be in their room or have them scream for a prolonged periods of time), I thought okay lets see if I can do this!
       This endeavor is going to take some big steps for me because of 2 main things (1) I must take more pictures of what we/I do in school and at home, and (2) I must make sure that I take the time to write.
       So we are starting this journey off together, my blogging journey (big soundtrack music would play here)....
       I will start with this weekend and offer up some exciting freebies that I have created and use (or will be using) in the classroom!
       I hope that my ideas, thoughts, trials, errors, successes, and major fails can help you in some way or another!  I am a teacher, a learner, a wife, a mother, a school mama, a leader, and so much more. 

With love, hugs, and wiggles,