Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

Well it’s the end of the year! Only 9 more days to go! This means it is craft learning time! We get to teach Kindergarten a little more like we want to teach Kindergarten! YES! yes! YES!

This is one of the most exhausting times of the school year, yet it is the most exciting!  The kids are ready to get out! The teachers are ready to get out! Our families are ready for us to be out! Everyone is just ready to be out! 

With that being said and with summer time here in full force, it is time to make the lovely ‘Oh I’ll do that during the summer, when I have more time’ list.  Mine is full of fun and excitement for me and the little boo boos, family vacations, and of course the ever growing house fixing-uping.  Along with the ever growing and mind possible list I am coming back to the blog!
(Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back)(sung in my best welcome back kotter theme song voice)

Thank you! (yes having a chuckle in my head and having a convo with my head) The hubber’s work has moved to permanent shifts and he was lucky enough to get placed on nights (sarcastic eye roll)! So since the little boo boos (not so little anymore but will always be little to me) go to bed early, and I wont be bogged down with lesson plans, report cards, progress reports, prepping, scoring, and anything else school related for a tiny bit, I plan to *try* to get back started with blogging, BUT for REAL!

Well this is my start as I put off working on report cards and other end of the year paper sorting (and finding missing papers from October)! So here we go on this crazy, bumpy, unexpected, FUN, exciting, ride, journey, experience!

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